Terms & conditions


KronFX provides general information about the state of the financial markets and does not take into account circumstances of a personal nature. The advice, guidance and analysis provided does not represent a guarantee of profit and is strictly personal opinion and report.

KronFx reserves all rights to the services and products sold, copying, dissemination or distribution without the prior written consent of KronFX will be legally sanctioned.

Liability issues:

By choosing to use the advice, guidance and analysis provided by KronFX you understand and assume that it is for general informational purposes only and any loss or defaults will not result in liability to any legal entity or its representative.

Furthermore, KronFX does not assume any liability for the manner in which third party companies handle your personal data or for the manner in which third party companies process payments or services/products.

Delivery of the requested products and/or services:

Purchased courses will be available immediately after confirmation of payment.

The educational services will be accessed via the DISCORD or TELEGRAM platforms (depending on the service chosen), with the addition to specific groups on these platforms being made immediately after confirmation of payment.

Return policy:

It is necessary to bear in mind that all products and services purchased (regardless of the period for which they were purchased) represent final sales to you, which is why KronFX has no obligation to refund the value of the products and/or services purchased.

Breach of Terms and Conditions:

Violation in any way of the terms and conditions will result in suspension or as the case may be permanent disconnection from the services provided by KronFX (regardless of whether or not they are finally purchased), prohibition from future purchase of products/services provided by KronFX on its own behalf or through intermediaries, and legal action, as appropriate.

Disputes in this matter will be settled according to Romanian law.

Modification of Terms and Conditions:

KronFx reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. Modifications will take effect for existing customers within 10 calendar days of notification.